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Telegram Phoenix

Phoenix Telegram (API AutoCalendar)

The most professional line builder and telegram account (auto-reader).

The phonix telegram program (1. With API and Direct 2. With Android and Direct 3. With TDesktop and Direct) can log and send STATs with STAT format. This extraordinary capability and triple functionality in a program for the first Times provided by tgMember!

No need to install (very simple and fast)
No need for technical knowledge to work with this program
High speed and high connectivity to virtual line provider sites
Line-up with Android emulator and output to STAT format (supports getmscode and sms-activate)
Line registry feature with desktop and output telegram to STAT format (supports getmscode and sms-activate)
Direct registry capability and API and output to STAT format (support for all line provider sites (6 sites).
Supports 6 popular virtual line providers (OnlineSim, SMSPVA, sms-reg, simsms, getmscode, sms-activate).
Deleting possible previous line connections when registering and saving a virtual line (line protection)
Ability to customize the avatar image (randomly) (equipped with a random change mechanism in the image pixel).
The ability to display the IP when capturing virtual lines to ensure IP change when taking virtual lines
Handler and hook inside the API when getting lines (part of the virtual circuit detection system by telegram)
Normal behavior of virtual lines (part of the virtual circuit anti-detection system by telegram)
The AppID and AppHash mechanisms are variable and unlimited automatically (part of the virtual circuit anti-virus detection system by telegram)
An automated and lucky naming mechanism that is completely different to any type of line (part of the virtual circuit detection system by telegram)
Ability to manually add AppID and AppHash manually or automatically (using a server)
Added the Update Engineer API engine in version 5.0 (only in version 5 and version 5.1 of Jiner this mechanism does not exist)
Connect, receive and build the line completely and without the involvement of the mouse and keyboard
Receive and record fast lines in the folder of lines and counting newly taken lines
Ability to manually create the number in the Android environment and convert it to the SET format using the TGPhoenix A9 (Chid) application.
Ability to store web site information in the app for ease of access and speed
Very fast and fast in receiving and recording telegram lines
Stores the famous STAT format
Antivirus detection system by the telegram and try not to burn the lines!
The system stabilizes the lines and tries to fix the burning problems and the disappearing lines!
The possibility of random breaks with arbitrary limits (for example, between 10 and 100 seconds) between executed operations
Automatically optimize lines immediately after taking the line !!!
Ability to set the number of lines to be taken by the program
Possibility to set a password (double-step password) on lines when registering lines for security of lines
Possibility to set up password verification email (double-step email) for double-line security when registering a line
Without engaging your system without the need for a mouse and keyboard (without the Telegram Desktop application)
Very simple and easy to use and use
Applicable to servers and virtual instruments
Fully API-based and without touching the mouse and keyboard (doing it in the background)
Can be installed and compatible with all versions of Windows
Support and updates are permanent and free
And hundreds of other special features
Design and programming: tgMember specialized programming and programming

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